Our process for creating short videos is simple:

Stage 1: BRIEF
First we take you through a simple series of questions to understand what you need and what’s important to you. 

This stage is completed almost entirely by us, we plan and outline the shooting schedule and create a rough storyboard. 

Stage 3: CAPTURE
Next we capture all the video and sound content we need, this is usually done at your premises and typically take 3-4 hours.  

Stage 4: EDIT
Lastly we turn all of the footage and audio we’ve captured into a quality video. 

That’s it, doesn’t sound too painful does it? This simple, yet effective process enables us to deliver a very professional looking video for a lot less than you’d think possible. 

We will be sharing some of the work we’ve produced here shortly.

Art of Technology 2017 

We recently made a series of short films promoting the Art of Technology exhibition, including a time lapse of the exhibition set up and a film of the opening night.