Art of Technology 2017

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Art of Technology 2017

Art of Technology 2017 was a stunning experience of art that wouldn’t exist if the technology used to create it, present it or that it depicts, didn’t exist.

During November 2017 the Art of Technology was a stunning experience of art of the digital age. Every piece seen was only possible due to the technology available to artists today. Artists from around New Zealand and around the world have contributed to this new way to experience art. This is an emerging field of art in New Zealand and it was the first time an exhibition like this has been bought together in here. People saw and interacted with Virtual Reality art, GIF art, animation and projection art, sonic art and much more. Many of the works are interactive making it more of an experience than an exhibition. Family friendly and low entry cost.

We were commissioned to produce a series of short films promoting the Art of Technology exhibition, including a time lapse of the exhibition set up and a film of the opening night.

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